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Volkswagen Holiday Road Trip Preparation Maintenance West Islip, NY

One of the most common activities that families experience during the holiday season is going on a road trip or two. This could be out to the country to find that perfect Christmas tree. Or it could be a several-hour drive to visit relatives and enjoy a big meal and gift exchange. here at Atlantic Volkswagen, we know that holiday road tripping can be stressful. You are hoping and praying that the weather is decent. The kids are misbehaving and you are trying to get them to quiet down by threatening that if they keep up their naughtiness, Santa won't be coming (or that Krampus might come instead). You are sick and tired of having to hear Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" for the umpteenth time. You are annoyed that the kids keep begging for you to play "Let it Go" from Frozen for the millionth time. And you need to figure out how to transport holiday gifts so the kids don't see them.

While we can't help you with some of this holiday stress, there is one thing we can do to help prevent more of it coming your way. And that is giving your vehicle a thorough inspection and make any necessary repairs before you hit the road this holiday season. Volkswagen is renowned for being one of the most reliable automotive brands on the market, but during the holiday season, Murphy's Law likes to follow closely behind us and anything that can go wrong will go wrong. When you come to our in-house service center here at Atlantic Volkswagen, our technicians can give your Volkswagen a thorough inspection and pinpoint any issues that can lead to trouble while you are on the road this holiday season. From there, they can make high-quality repairs so you can drive with confidence. Some of our most popular maintenance tasks include checking the cabin's heating system to make sure you and your passengers are warm, checking the battery, replacing the tires for a set of specialty winter ones, switching out the windshield wipers, and more.

And if any parts need to be replaced, we can do that really efficiently thanks to our full inventory of Volkswagen-certified parts.

To learn more and to schedule an appointment, please contact us or visit us today! We are located at 130 Sunrise Highway in West Islip.



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