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Volkswagen Oil System Repairs West Islip, NY

Volkswagen is world-renowned for its engineering. The quality and craftsmanship under the hood of each Volkswagen vehicle allow it to be dependable for you for many years to come. To help keep your Volkswagen dependable, you need to have the perfect amount of oil in the ideal viscosity grade. Engine oil keeps your Volkswagen model’s engine lubricated and cool so they can work smoothly. Not having enough oil can mean unnatural wear and tear – and can cause some serious and expensive damage. Serious damage can also occur if certain components in the oil system (like the oil pressure switch) is malfunctioning or if the oil is leaking. 

If you notice that a rainbow-colored patch is appearing around your Volkswagen or your oil light is illuminated (turn off your vehicle and do NOT drive your vehicle until this problem is fixed!), we are here to help you out. Here at Atlantic Volkswagen, we offer more than just a great selection of new Volkswagen vehicles – we are also here to help you take care of it so you can always get where you need to go. 

Our technicians have been specially trained to know the architecture and personality of each Volkswagen vehicle so they can pinpoint any problems with your model’s oil system. Once they find the problem, they will fix it in a timely manner so you can get back out on the road – and they are very meticulous about quality standards. 

Being an import from Europe, Volkswagen requires specific parts to ensure proper repairs and optimal performance. To make finding the required parts quick and easy, Atlantic Volkswagen has a fully stocked inventory of Volkswagen-certified parts. And we have the means to recycle old parts – along with used oil and oil filters – to help keep our Earth clean and healthy. 

To learn more about Volkswagen oil system repairs, please contact us or visit us here at Atlantic Volkswagen today! 



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