Everything you need in your car when your kids play spring sports


If springtime in your home means running your kids to practices and games for their spring sports, then you need to have your car ready for just about anything. From preparing for all different types of weather to making sure everyone has the equipment they need, here’s how buys parents can pack their car for the spring sport season.

Rather than tossing a number of items into your car and hoping that you can find what you need later, try creating individual kits and packing all of your kits in a large plastic container that you store in the back of your car. Now you’ll be covered, have what you need, and be able to find it quickly. Here’s a few ideas of the kits you can create:

Warm Weather Kit

  • Sunblock

  • Extra water bottles

  • Lip balm with SPF

  • Hats or visors

  • Sunglasses

  • Bug Spray

Clean Up Kit

  • Garbage Bags that can be stored inside a plastic container or an empty baby wipes container

  • A roll of paper towels

  • A few packages of wet wipes

  • Bottles of hand sanitizer

  • A roll of toilet paper and baby wipes

  • A roll of dog poo bags for small messes

  • Plastic Cups, utensils, paper plates for meals and snacks. Store all of these inside a gallon plastic bag.

  • Portable potty for younger siblings

Rainy Weather Kit

  • Poncho

  • Change of socks

  • Large beach towel

  • Umbrella

  • Stadium seats

Tech Kit

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Travel cords

  • Extra batteries

Players Kit

  • Extra socks and change of clothes for after the game

  • Equipment like softballs, baseballs, or mouth guards,

  • Empty waterbodies

  • Alternate uniform if the team has two uniforms.

  • Sneakers or flip flops to change into after the game

  • Snacks

  • Large beach towel for them to clean up or sit on in the car if they are messy after the game.

Comfort Kit

  • Stadium Chairs

  • Foldable wagon to tote everything

  • First aid kit

  • Change purse with coins and a few dollars

  • Hair ties

  • Change or clothes

  • Contact solution